World's Best Milk Tea Recipes

Are you one of those people who enjoy milk with your tea? If you're brand-new or you have been putting milk in your teeth for a long time here are some milk tea recipes for you.

Milk has been a popular coffee and tea additive around the world. It has natural sugar called lactose so it adds sweetness. Milk that has fat in it such as whole milk or half-and-half, cream and 2% milk adds body and richness to the tea.

Milk tea is based from black tea. Assam and Ceylon teas are used versus Qimen, Darjeeling ad Nilgiri. One can also add matcha green tea to that list.

Internationally one can enjoy Indian Masala chai or Hong Kong milk tea or British style of tea.

Thai Milk Tea Camillestea

Thai Milk Tea

Thai iced tea and Thai iced coffee are served with a lot of milk, typically warm and is a very soothing beverage.

Thai milk tea contains sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk with sugar. It also includes spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, tamarind and vanilla, which is a perfect blend with Ceylon tea.

Indian Spiced Milk Tea Camillestea

Indian Spiced Milk Tea

This is known as Chai tea. Masala Chai is a perfect blend of spices, tea, sugar and milk. It comes from India where there are many variations.

There are many drinks under the banner chai. There are recipes for Kashmiri chai and caffeine free chai and one can make Masala Chai from scratch.

British Milk Tea Camillestea

British Milk Tea

The custom of adding milk to tea began in France and then later in England. It is very common for people in England to add milk and sugar to their tea and now in France people tend to add lemon.

To make a perfect cup of tea is very British and adding milk is a part of that recipe.

Hong Kong Milk Tea Camillestea

Hong Kong Milk Tea

Hong Kong milk tea is similar to British milk tea. It is extremely thick and milky and sweet. Sweetened condensed milk for evaporated milk is the core ingredient.

This beverage has become known as" pantyhose tea” or “silk stocking tea”. It is also been called Yin-Yang Coffee-Tea.

Milky Bubble Tea Camillestea

Milky Bubble Tea

Boba tea was created in Taiwan as an afterschool treat for children. It is now popular all over the world.

This recipe includes tapioca pearls and a homemade simple syrup that makes it the brew that it is.

Turmeric Milk Tea Camillestea

Turmeric Milk Tea

This is an herbal infusion used in Ayurveda as a remedy for bone and joint health. It is commonly known to improve mental focus so it is a good morning or afternoon drink.

It is warm and spicy and make sure you add almond oil.

Iced Black Tea Latte Camillestea

Iced Black Tea Latte

This is an iced tea latte that is very different than Matcha Latte. It includes a breakfast team will blend in is a wake me up for a busy morning.

It is prepared like an iced espresso latte but with black tea in place of the espresso. The milk adds filling to make it a great breakfast on the go.