Steeping Tea in Style

There are a variety of teas available, but you will also be surprised at the countless tools and accessories that can make your teatime a sophisticated affair. There are teaspoons and teakettles and a smart selection of sip ware that will help you steep in the style.

Teakettles Camillestea

Tools of the trade

Steeping tea begins with heating fresh water. You can heat your water on the stovetop, electrically, and a teakettle would be a must-have accessory. A stainless electric kettle can heat water quickly and efficiently and it has an elegant gooseneck spout. The traditional approach is effective on the stovetop with a classic modern stainless steel teapot.

Select what type of tea you will be preparing. Teabags are popular and convenient, while full leaf loose tease reveal full flavor of premium teas. If you use a full leaf loose tea you will need a tea strainer or infuser. Simply measure out a teaspoon of full leaf loose tea per serving into the accessory. After you choose either one or the water has reached the proper temperature, pour the hot water over top and start seeping.

Timeless teapots

When it comes to tea accessories, the teapot is the most charming. Teapots can be made from clay, glass, cast-iron and porcelain and you will find a style that you like. If you prefer the classic look you will like the teapot of prosperity with durable enamel line cast iron and a classic Japanese design. If you want a more modern look the Clarity glass teapot is handsomely crafted from glass and includes a built-in infuser. You will find a teapot that is perfect for your ambience of tea-steeping rituals.

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Trendy teacups and mugs

Premium, high-quality tea needs to be steeped in style. You can find cups and mugs that are classic to contemporary. Their whimsical designs and lightweight glass teacups that can suit your fancy. Teacups and mugs make great gifts.

On the go with travel mugs

A tea mug can help you take your tea with you and keep it hot or cold when you are away from home. There are many to choose from with in diffusers that allow you to steep while you're on the go.

Cool iced tea accessories

You do not want to find yourself without some of these accessories. There are glasses that reduce condensation and pictures that come with their own infusers all to help you cool off and serve an iced tea in style. You can show off your ice tea steeping skills and serve iced tea with a carafe and teacup set. You can even find a vintage glass iced tea set, which brings a sense of nostalgia with Mason jar glasses and lids and straws included.

There are many fun and convenient tea accessories to find. You will just need to look around to see what you might need to make your next teatime and enjoyable and stylish experience.