Orchid Oolong Tea

Ulun Camillestea

Orchid Oolong Tea originated in Guangdong Province, China. It is of the Dan Chong grade. When brewed it becomes a pale green, yellow. Orchid Oolong is manufactured in the Orthodox type and grown above sea level at two thousand five hundred feet. This exquisite brew is one of the worlds finest. It is a luxury tea.

This oolong tea is a tea of legend. Oolong is made from a particular bush which grows the leaves that oolong is curated from. China's ruler Jinxing Shantou many many decades ago kept this special bush a secret. He kept this tea a secret because he knew of its amazing healing properties. One day his garden workers came across this bush and knew it had leaves they could make tea from. They needed a rest for it was a very humid day. They put the tea to steep.

The aroma that the tea gave off was unlike any other. They ran to the tea to drink it. Once they had a taste of it they knew this tea was special. When the king heard of their discovery he put them all to death so that the location of the tea could remain a secret.

Orchid Oolong is a fermented tea (semi). This makes the tea different from other teas giving it more texture/body. Oolong tea is a mix in the middle between green tea and black tea. The leaf of the oolong is green while the edges are brown. The tea is tossed in a bamboo container to oxidize the leaves. Once the tea is oxidized the leaves remain green but the edges have a hue of pink. This tea can be brewed hot or cold.

To brew your tea hot you must first bring a pot of purified water to boil. Then add a tsp of tea per cup in teapot. Add the boiling water to teapot and let steep for up to five minutes. This tea can be served plan or with milk and sugar.

To brew your tea cold add six tsp of tea in your pitcher or teapot (makes one quart). Then pour one and a quarter cups of purified boiled water into your tea. Let this tea steep for up to five minutes. Then fill your pitcher/teapot with up to a quarter with cold water. Now pour this ready made tea into the pitcher you will use to serve it in, straining the leaves as you go. Add ice as need. You may sweeten the tea to your liking. Remember that when making cold tea brew your tea strong because as the ice melts your tea will become diluted. Lastly, this tea has a cloudy look when poured over ice, which is perfectly normal. (this means it is high quality) Enjoy!