10 Great Types of Black Tea

Black tea is the most popular tea in the Western Hemisphere. These days there is a great variety of different black teas available at the market so everyone is sure to find the tea type he prefers most. Whether you love blended and/or flavored tea sold in bags or handmade, artisan and loose-leaf teas the range of tea options offered for sale just can’t but impress. Below, you'll find a list of the world's best teas that both newbies and connoisseurs should consider trying.

Darjeeling Black Tea

Nicknamed as the "Champagne of Tea", Darjeeling area is famous for being the home to the best black tea on the globe. Darjeeling black teas are classified according to the period of time when they are harvested. By the way, each harvest is called a "flush" and the first spring flush that produces tea of the most delicate taste is considered the "greenest" of all flushes. The taste of Darjeeling black teas is truly refined and quite light. They can be fruity and floral as well, and taste best when drunk without any milk or sugar added.

Keemun Black Tea

Keemun black tea (also known as Qimenhong cha) is harvested in the Anhui Province of eastern China. It is a connoisseur favorite, because of its distinctive aroma and flavor. Keemun black teas can be fruity, winey, floral, even piney and tobacco-like. Keemun tastes great when served with milk and/or sugar or without any additives. If you would like to enjoy a new unique flavor we recommend trying "Keemun-Kantaloupe Kooler" from tea chef Robert Wemischner.

Assam Black Tea

If you love bold, malty and brisk taste Assam black tea is what you need. In fact, Assam teas are typically used as the base for English Breakfast Tea, Irish Breakfast Tea and other black tea blends. Usually some sugar and milk can be added to pure Assamese teas and Assam-based tea blends. While most Assam black tea is CTC tea or tea used in teabags, there is also high quality loose leaf tea from Assam.

Darjeeling, Keemun and Assam Black Teas Camillestea

Yunnan Black Tea

This tea is grown in Yunnan, a province in China. Some Yunnan black teas are partially fermented, in other words classic black teas acquire some features of pu-erh. Their flavors are really diverse, and include chocolaty, malty and nuanced, with distinctive notes of spice and a lasting sweetness in the finish. As a rule people who love chocolate prefer Keemun black tea. Like other teas from China, Yunnan black tea is also known as "hong cha" or red tea.

Ceylon Black Tea

Ceylon teas are produced on the plantations in Sri Lanka. The area is famous for producing a great variety of flavor profiles. The majority of Ceylon black teas are rather bold and strong, with rich flavor boasting peculiar notes of chocolate or spice. In general Ceylon teas are served with milk or lemon and sugar or honey. Ceylon teas are widely used as the base for Earl Grey teas.

Yunnan, Ceylon, Earl Grey and Nilgiri Black Teas Camillestea

Earl Grey Black Tea

Earl Grey is probably the most renowned tea traditionally flavored with the essential oil of the bergamot citrus fruit. Among the numerous variations of Earl Grey are Lady Grey (with cornflowers), London Fog (an Earl Grey tea latte with vanilla) and Earl Green (green tea flavored with bergamot). Thanks to its unique flavor the tea has become a popular ingredient in tea-flavored chocolates, baked goods and cocktails.

Nilgiri Black Tea

This fragrant, floral tea grows in the mountains of South India. Despite the fact that Nilgiri teas were not of the highest quality during the 1980s, recently their quality has improved greatly. Now they are highly valued on the world stage. Nilgiri black teas are just great when served iced with sugar or honey and a slice of lemon. Consider using a Nilgiri black tea as the base for other flavored teas.

Bai Lin Gong Fu, Lapsang Souchong and Taiwanese Black Teas Camillestea

Bai Lin Gong Fu Black Tea

This Chinese black tea is very rare. Nuanced and flavorful, the handmade black tea can be brewed several times in the gong fu style of tea brewing. If you come across Bai Lin Gong Fu tea, be sure to purchase some to try!

Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

It is a smoked black tea with bold flavor. People usually drink Lapsang Souchong and such its relatives as Tarry Souchong or Russian Caravan hot, with or without sugar and lemon. They make good iced teas as well.

Taiwanese Black Teas

Lately countries like Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam began to produce good black teas. Taiwanese black teas, also referred as Ruby Black or Red Jade are typically harvested in summer in Nantou, Taiwan.