Why Tea is Good for You

Get rid of that cup of coffee and start drinking tea. It has become officially good for you only if you are truly drinking real tea derived from a plant called camellia sinensis. There are four varieties, green, black, oolong and white. Surprisingly herbal teas are an infusion of different plants and isn't technically tea. There are real health benefits from tea thanks to polyphenols and phytochemicals.

Tea Camillestea

Here are some reasons one would want to drink tea;

1. Need a boost in your workout? Green tea has been found to have antioxidants that increase the body's ability to burn fat which improves muscle endurance.

2. Drinking tea might prevent a heart attack. It has been found that helps protect against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.

3. Current research shows that tea just may protect against cancers. One cannot rely on tea as a miracle cure but most certainly the anti-oxidants in tea can help.

4. Tea helps fight free radicals. Free radicals can damage DNA in the body but it's high oxygen radical absorbance capacity it is the additions our bodies need to help do the fighting.

5. Tea hydrates the body despite the caffeine.

6. Regular tea drinking can lower the risk of Parkinsons Disease.

7. Green tea may help provide UV protection from the ultra-violet rays of the sun.

8. Do you want a trimmer waist? Try drinking hot tea. Studies show that drinking hot tea had lower BMI and lowers the risk of metabolic syndrome.

9. Drinking tea may also lower the risks of lung cancer and protect against some of the negatives of smoking.

10. Tea may be beneficial to type 2 diabetes as green teas help process sugars.

11. Studies have found that tea can help the skin and the body recover from radiation.

12. Green tea has been found to help bone density and strength.

13. Tea may be helpful in the fight against neurological diseases among them Alzheimers. The polyphenols help maintain learning and memory.

Don't drink your tea too hot, and remember only drink tea in moderation.