Camille's Tea, an online shop, offers a wide-variety of gourmet, high-quality, loose-leaf teas, including flavored teas, traditional teas, green teas, herbal teas. We also sell teapots, teacups, bone china, infusers, accessories, tea cozies.
all about tea
Scottish Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea
Did you just
buy fannings?  
Did you get a
good price?  
Now, open
up that tea bag
and compare what you
bought to FOP.  It's true; you get
what you pay for!  Learn the
labels and save some agony!
Read about the Grades of Black
Is your tea  
too bitter?   
too weak?   
Did you use  
too much tea?   
Why does tea taste great one day
and not so wonderful another?  
Learn how to brew both black
and green tea!
Where does tea
grow?  On a  
tree?  A shrub?
In Africa?  How
many types of  
tea plants exist?  
Does green tea grow differently
than black?  Learn all about the
origins of Camella Sinensis.
Who invented
tea?  The
The Japanese
How did tea
become the national drink of
England?  Why do we drink tea
iced?  Learn about the origins
of tea.